tisdag 16 april 2019

Picea Abies

last year I received this wonderfull material as a gift from one member of our bonsai association, Leopold.

He got this tree from the roadside some couple of years before.
It was initaily choped down by machines that keep the roadside clena from busches.

The previous owner didn´t wanted to take care of it because ot its weight. The diameter of the trunk is close to 20 cm and the whole pot is very heavy.

I gave it it´s second styling and design and choosed the "backside" as it new front.
I also repoted it lightly in a new substrate and soil.

this year I will take this one with me to the SBR spring workshop in Gothemburg, whre I will consult Master Harry harrington on the best way to carve on it and to reduce those big jins.

Here is alink to the event, hosted by Bonsai pottery Master Thor Holvila a ceramics artist Carina Jern:
SBR 2019

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